Our rug cleaning services are great for anyone who has any type of area rug, oriental rug, or other floor covering in the Greenwich area.

We have been serving people in this area for many years, and have earned a great reputation for quality work and great customer service. Whether you have specific stains or problems with your rug, or you just need it deep cleaned, our team is here for you.

To schedule an appointment to have your rug cleaned, give us a call at 203-456-9218 !

Our Rug Cleaning Process

When we are hired to clean rugs we go through a process to ensure it is done properly and our customers are happy with the results. We have developed this method over the years, and it has provide to provide the cleanest carpets and the happiest customers possible. Our rug cleaning method goes as follows:

Inspect the Rug

This not only allows us to identify any areas that are especially dirty or stained, but also lets us know what type of rug it is so we can take the right approach.

Plan of Action

Based on the information gathered during the inspection, we'll come up with a good plan of action that will help to ensure we get the best possible results.

Professional Cleaning

Once we have our plan in place, we'll perform the actual cleaning. We'll use the right rug cleaning equipment, the right cleaning products, and make sure to properly clean every part of the rug.

Final Inspection

Once we're done, we'll look carefully over the rug to make sure nothing was missed. You can also review our work at this time to ensure you're happy with the results.

We've gone through this process for our customers for many years. The inspection and making the plan don't take a lot of time, but really help to ensure the desired results are achieved. Even when we perform the rug cleaning in our central facility, we go through this process so that we know nothing is missed.


Experienced Rug Cleaning Professionals

One of the main things that sets us apart from other rug cleaning companies in the Greenwich area is our team of professionals.

These are the people who go out and actually perform the work and ensure your rugs and carpets look their best.

We hire and train the best cleaners in the business, and make sure they have everything they need to do the job properly.

Our rug cleaners also have to pass a background check in order to ensure you are safe when they enter your home or business.

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We look forward to providing you with the best rug cleaning services possible.