Best Cleaning Process for Your Rugs

Keeping your rugs and carpets clean is important for many reasons. Clean carpets look great, and can also help to ensure your home or business is as clean and healthy as possible.

This is why we work so hard to ensure our customers get the best results whenever they work with us. Our team uses proven cleaning processes to help remove all dirt, oils, pet hair, and other debris from all different types of rugs and other floor coverings.

Read on to learn more about the various ways we clean your carpets, and why we are the best in the business. You can also give us a call and speak with one of our team members.

We can be reached by dialing 203-456-9218.

Industrial Quality Equipment

Our cleaning process uses only the highest quality equipment on the market today. We use powerful cleaning machines that get deep down into the fibers of your rug and extract all the debris.

The professional cleaner assigned to your job will be able to choose from a number of different options when it comes to your carpet.

This will be based on the type of rug you have, the stains, or other factors about the job. This helps to ensure that your floor coverings are not only cleaned properly, but that they aren't damaged in the process.

Best Cleaning Products

To go along with the cleaning machines, we choose the best cleaning products possible. The stain removers, rug shampoos, and other products we choose will help to properly remove the debris and protect the fibers of your rugs or carpets.

These are an important part of any cleaning job, and there are dozens of different options to choose from when it comes to deep cleaning any floor covering.

Here at Greenwich Rug Cleaning, we use only the safest and most environmentally friendly products possible. This means that your rugs and carpets will be safe for your children, your pets, and anyone else to use.

The fact that these products are environmentally safe does not mean that they are less effective. The cleaning products we use are the best in the industry and will safely clean and protect all your floor coverings.

Effective Cleaning Process

When we arrive to clean your rugs or carpets, we'll get right to work to ensure everything is handled properly. This will start with an evaluation of your rugs.

Our team will look for any stains, high traffic areas, damage, or other issues that we need to be aware of. Once done, we'll form a plan on how the cleaning should be completed.

This will include choosing the right machine, the right products, and the right approach.

Finally, we'll go through and carefully clean your rugs, carpets, and other floor coverings. Our team takes care to ensure we get every inch of the floor so that no dirt or debris remains. Once done, we'll look over the rugs one last time to ensure everything was done properly.

At this point you can also look over our work to ensure you are happy with the results. This is the best cleaning process in the business. To book your rug cleaning in Greenwich or the surrounding area, please give us a call at 203-456-9218.

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